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Back Office Products

Back office operations are critical to both the efficient and profitability of the property. A comprehensive system for management of day to day accounts, accounts receivable and accounts payable are included in this product group. Advanced Management Information Systems (MIS) and Budgeting also part of the group providing property managers tighter control of all accounting aspects of property management.

General Ledger (Accounts)

The WINHMS Accounting module labelled the "General Ledger" is one of the core modules featured within the back office software segment. Financial accounting is provided via the General Ledger module which efficiently handles..

Accounts Receivable / Payable

The WINHMS Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable module is an advanced module that manages both the payable and receivable components of back office operations. Accounts payable is a productive accounting solution..

MIS & Budgeting

Management Information and Budgeting are key focal points for any property that is interested in tightly managing its operations. The WINHMS MIS and Budget module provides the ability to generate department-wise profitability..