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Front Office

The Front Office System is the heart of any property as it is the primary guest facing system. The critical success of the front office system is its ability to perform quick and accurate check-in and check-out functions. WINHMS has been deployed in properties exceeding 500 rooms where the speed in which guests can be checked-out and in is crucial to quick turnaround of guests at reception. Within the front office system the reservation module intuitively handles client reservations, various types of tariff (including room tariff, corporate discounted tariff, member discounted tariff, guest discounted tariff, foreign current tariff etc.) and plan sales. Settlement is quick and easy and includes many features such as bill splitting, summary bill generation and a variety of settlement methods including foreign currency.

The system incorporates a tape chart which provides a view of room status and availability over any period of time. It is possible to optimise occupancy with streamlined room allocation and blocking directly from the tape chart by selecting available dates. Registration cards can be printed either during reservation or while the guest is checked-in. Reservation advances with auto transfers are also possible during guest check-in, another key feature is the ability to provide advance payment cancellation with retention charges.

The system always ensures smart handling of guests by providing vital information such as guest complaints, suggestions, hotel comments, previous visit statistics etc. at the time of reservation and check-in. This enables a personalised approach and certain prompts can be made by the front office clerk to the guest that reinstates the properties attention to detail and also remembering the guest’s individual preferences. Further personalisation is also possible through automated delivery of birthday and anniversary e-mails. The guest profile also displays historical information such as spend pattern, previous visits and the possibility to drill down up to the individual guest bills across all outlets.

Automated allocation of least used rooms ensures distributed usage of all rooms. Support is provided for miscellaneous sales that are not connected to the guest so no transactions are missed and can be analysed. The night audit function highlights all FO / POS bills that are pending, pending KOT, overdue departures and un-posted room charges. At the end of night audit, posting is performed automatically from FO to the Accounting System. Company history within the FO module provides details of business volume, each guest who stayed, detailed information about their stay and total revenue generated. The system provides audit reports for Reservation Amend, In-house Guest Amend, Bill re-print, amend Guest Stay and Cashier Audit for analysis.

Flash screens (dashboards) provide the ability to view on a single screen the room position, in-house guests, departing guests, user preferred menu screens, etc. Reservation confirmation e-mails and reservation cancellation e-mails are automatically sent out by the system. Further features include the ability to display sales executives who are attached to the reservation and sales executive-wise performance analysis. Auto allocation of rooms numbers for the expected guest based on multiple combinations (such as preferred rooms, least used rooms etc.) is possible. Analytical information on occupancy forecasts, flash budgets, rate category analysis, grace time audits, travel agent analysis, room-wise analysis, room type analysis, segment analysis etc. are also provided for management analysis.


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