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Front Office

The Front Office System is the heart of any property as it is the primary guest facing system. The critical success of the front office system is its ability to perform quick and accurate check-in and check-out functions...

House Keeping

A hospitality environment is usually judged by its appearance; imagine checking into a hotel and discovering that the surfaces are dirty and the linen is stained! Bad housekeeping can be a total put off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly..

Call Monitoring

The WINHMS call monitoring module provides logging and monitoring of outgoing telephone calls made from all rooms. The system computes call charges based on settings within the system and automatically posts charges to the guest's room..

Mobile Application

The WINHMS mobile application has been developed to work flawlessly on an android tablet. Guests have the ability to access all guest related services provided by the property. Guest authentication is provided for each guest..