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General Ledger (Accounts)

The WINHMS Accounting module labelled the “General Ledger” is one of the core modules featured within the back office software segment. Financial accounting is provided via the General Ledger module which efficiently handles all the accounting needs of the property. Advanced accounting features are supported and seamless integration between all relevant modules provides real time financial analysis

Support is provided for both codeless and coded ledger accounts. Unlimited divisions are included within the company and division-wise financial analysis, books and reports are included. In regards to management of transactions, bank reconciliation with realisation date of funds is supported. Credit and debit bill matching for unadjusted payments and collection of these payments is included. Detailed financial analysis tools such as trial balance, general ledger, sub ledgers, profit and loss and balance sheet, cash flow, ratio analysis, outstanding analysis and ageing bill analysis provide management with a firm grasp of all financial aspects of the property.

Further analytical tools include accounts receivable and accounts payable reports, ageing, income vs expenditure graphs and ledger analysis graphs with the ability to drill down up to the voucher level. Additionally, cash flow, departmental trial balance, departmental general ledger, profit & loss yearly, balance sheet yearly etc. are also included.


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