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American breakfast

American breakfast. A hotel breakfast that includes most or all of the following: two eggs (fried or poached), sliced bacon or sausages, sliced bread or toast with jam/jelly/butter, pancakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal, coffee/tea, orange/grapefruit juice. Also called American style breakfast.

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

AR/AP are an advanced WINHMS software module that manages both the payable and receivable components of back office operations


Guest identification proof documents like driving licenses, passport etc.


a person  that has grown to full size and strength:

After business hour support – Macro Computing Solutions Co., Ltd

The calls related to work that is urgent or an emergency and require immediate attention. During normal business hours, this work is assigned to IT personnel for immediate resolution.


Average Daily Rate (commonly referred to as ADR) is a statistical unit that is often used in the hotel industry. The number represents the average rental income per paid occupied room in a given time period.

Allocation ( Room Allocation)

In the hotel industry, allocation describes the process of selecting a number of rooms and making them available for sale. A hotel manager may choose to allocate only a limited amount rooms towards sales in order to have them available for sale when expecting higher revenues at a later period.ARR

Average Room Rate is the total room revenues divided by the number of rooms occupied, excluding any rooms offered as complimentary

Best Available Rate (BAR)

The lowest non-restricted rate bookable by all guests. This rate can change several times a week and up to several times a day.

Best Rate Guarantee


Best Rate Guarantee. The hotel offers best rate on their website related to other any other sites. Hotels put  the BRG policy on place, to drive guest  to reserve directly via the hotel own website, as an alternative of the third-party OTA

Business Type

A market segment description of either Group or Transient. The system’s analytics need to understand what business type the market segment belongs to in order to know if bookings are expected all at once or one by one.

Cloud PMS

WINCLOUD PMS – an exhaustive and modular Property Management System designed to be the one stop solution for property owners. Built on the robust Microsoft Technology stack and hosted on the reliable Amazon AWS, the feature-rich WINCLOUD seamlessly automates front and back of house operations. It also supports an extensive list of third-party hardware and software interfaces,


Customer Relationship Management is automated communications (pre and post stay) for guests along with loyalty programmes. It is the best way to make your services stand out by using information of guests to discover the best practices for retaining business.


Central Reservation system

Channel Manager

Provides a way for hotels to control the allocation of hotel inventory and rates across all distribution channels including websites, third parties and the GDS.


The cost of turning away a guest when the hotel is unable to provide the promised accommodation, which may include the cost of a hotel room, complimentary gifts, and probable lost future business.

Day Use

Room is occupied for short time, usually business travelers use for refreshment.

Days to Arrival

The number of days prior to an Arrival Date, used to measure information such as a booking pace, hotel performance and forecast performance.


The business that the system anticipates for future days.


Free Independent Traveler or Frequent Individual Traveler are individual tourists travelling independently, designing their own itinerary and making their own travel arrangements without being part of any group or imposed schedule.

Here’s a secret. FITs usually have a higher than average daily spend than their counterparts who travel in groups.

Feedback Application

Guest feedback software application, guest feedback can be accepted in mobility or web platform

Global Distribution System (GDS)

Comprehensive travel shopping and reservation platforms that travel agents use to book airline, car, hotel and other travel arrangements for their customers.


The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.


a very young child or baby.

Last Room Value

The maximum amount of room revenue that a hotel can expect to make from the last room available for sale. The system uses the Last Room Value as a restriction control for low value rates during busy periods and opens all rates during slow times.

Length of Stay

The number of nights that a guest stays at a hotel. This value is also the difference between the departure date and the arrival date.

Market Segment

A portion of the customers who possess a common set of motivations as well as a combination of unique purchasing (e.g., advance purchase vs. walk-in) and usage patterns (e.g., single night vs. weekly).


small fridge in a hotel bedroom, with drinks inside

Market Segment Group

Market segments that are grouped together by pattern and rate.

Maximum Length of Stay

A room inventory control function that limits the number of nights a reservation can stay when arriving on a certain date.

Minimum Length of Stay

A room inventory control function that requires a reservation to meet or exceed a certain length of stay in order to complete the reservation.

Night Audit

Night auditing process for the day is generally conducted at the end of the day during the following night, hence the name ‘Night Audit

Negotiated rate

Rate agreement between hotel and guest, company , agent , travel agent and online travel agent

Internet distribution system

The Internet Distribution System offers technology that lets travelers research, plan and book their travel needs from a wide selection of partners and agencies. It allows the travel suppliers to change offers quickly so customers may find great last minute deals to purchase.

Loyalty Programme

A rewards programme for the regulars. For instance, vouchers, room upgrades etc.


Manager on Duty, the ‘main’ guy looking after the smooth running of the hotel operations.


Online Travel Agent



In a hotel it refers to “No. of Guests”. You might come across terms such as 1000 Pax Wedding, 20 Pax Restaurant Reservation, 03 Pax per room pertaining to the number of people involved in each case.

Profile types

Profiles are generally categorized into five different types: 1) Guest Profiles 2) Company profiles 3) Travel Agent Profiles 4) Group Profile and 5) Source Profile. 1) Guest Profile : Contains below information and used for entering details of real guests who would be staying in the hotel.


PMS or Property Management System is basically a software that accomplishes the operating activities of the hotel and oversees and coordinates the association with the guest and services.


Rack Rate

This one’s a big one.

Let’s admit it, every hotel sets its own rates and its own rules to add discounts on those rates. Simply put, the standard or asking price for a room, before any discounts are applied is termed as rack rate.

Room type

Room Category



Revenue Per Available Room is the total cost of the guest room divided by the number of available rooms in the hotel.

Quick Tip! RevPAR is affected by the number of vacant rooms but ADR shows only the average rate of rooms that are actually sold. RevPAR gives you a more precise and broad picture of the hotel’s performance against your competitors in the market.


WINHMS is the leading hospitality / hotel Property management software that caters to all aspects of the hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts and chains.

WINHMS Hotel software modules

Property Management system (PMS), Point of Sales (POS), Housekeeping, Feedback management  Material , Purchase , GL (Accounts), AR, AP, Payroll, SPA, Mobility , self-check-in app, task Management , booking engine interface, Channel manager interface, Table reservation system, Table management system, Gate pass system, Membership management system, Central reservation system. Electronic door lock interface, passport scanner interface, building, management interface

WINHMS Food & Beverage Modules

POS, Central POS, Table management system , emenu, KOT, kitchen display system (KDS), steward ordering app, Online ordering app interface, Delivery management, take away system, Food and beverage costing , Material management system, purchase management system , food production , warehouse system , retail billing system