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House Keeping

A hospitality environment is usually judged by its appearance; imagine checking into a hotel and discovering that the surfaces are dirty and the linen is stained! Bad housekeeping can be a total put off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly.

This is the prime reason that owners at a facility or a hotel pay special attention to housekeeping activities and it is essential that a good software system is utilised to ensure that guest requests, complaints and suggestions are recorded and monitored ensuring timely resolution. From within the house keeping module it is possible to block rooms for repairs and maintenance. Blocked rooms are reflected in the room availability chart with a drill down feature which displays details of the room block.

It is possible to tag and clear dirty rooms and rooms are automatically tagged as dirty when the guest checks out. Additionally a lost and found feature tracks the delivery status of all lost and found articles and sends alerts / e-mail reminders to the guest. The system also records and tracks missing room inventory items until the items are properly replaced in the inventory. Further support is provided for posting of guest charges and guest-wise check out instructions.

The system also tracks special amenities internally with issue, pending and return tracking. Material tracking is possible via the House Keeping store. Various options are also provided for laundry management including launderer issue, receipts and tracking. Advanced reports are provided itemising all expected arrivals, departures, amenities, lost and found, missing items etc. so it is possible for the house keeping crew to maintain a comprehensive system for tracking and analysis thereby raising service levels.