Macro Computing Solutions

Inventory (Material Management)

The WINHMS Inventory / Material Management system is a comprehensive tool that enables management of multiple stores and locations. Both Moving Average Rate and FIFO stock valuation methods are provided. Stock management options include expiry item-wise inventory, re-order based inventory, minimum and maximum stock control.

Upon receipt of goods validation the system validates the good received against the purchase order generated. It is also possible to receive goods with cash purchase receipts. Material Receipt Return and Receipt deletion are supported. Accurate material consumption and food costing can be maintained due to ability to amend receipt dates to a later date. Material can be issued based on both indented items and directly issued items. All items issued are tagged with department and costcentre for effective costing. Further stock management options include; physical inventory reconciliation for product .groups and subgroups, items nearing expiry and expired stock.

Similar to all other WINHMS modules comprehensive analysis is provided non-moving, fast moving, receipt, issue and re-order stock. Further analysis options include ABC, XYZ, average consumption and stock reorder. The system maintains detailed audit trails and reports for goods requisitions and issued items. Trend information is provided which can be queried department-wise, product group-wise, costcentre-wise and item-wise.