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Point-of-Sale System

The WINHMS Point-of-sale (POS) system has been deployed in a variety of restaurants and bars both in standalone form and with integration to the WINHMS ERP. The POS system includes interfaces to most main stream front office systems. One of the key requirements of any POS system is its ability to be intuitive and easy to use with minimal training – this is one of the key features of the WINHMS POS.

It is simple and straight forward to create bills by pulling up the table or room number within the system. Support is provided for billing of single or linked tables, bill cancellation, split bills and split quantity scenarios. Bills/settlements are automatically posted to a room within the property or company and are transferred to the Front Office and accounting systems. Settlement methods provided include foreign currency, pay master, credit coupons and plans.

KOT creation, modification and cancellation are supported. Audit trail for KOT amendment is provided which ensures tracking of all KOT modifications. Automatic KOT printing, kitchen based KOT printing, manual KOT control and special kitchen instructions for printing out KOT are also included. KOT Items are grouped kitchen-wise and printed at respective kitchens so it is possible to support multiple kitchens. NC KOT, NC Bill and various analysis on NC KOT is provided. Support is provided for open item creation during KOT creation.

The POS system also maintains a detailed guest profile (which when coupled with WINHMS is shared with the main guest profile also visible at the Front Office system) thereby ensuring that repeat visits of the guest are maintained in history. Further personalised information such as likes / dislikes and preferences are also maintained thereby providing the steward to provide personalised service to the guest. High level of security is provided to verify the Guest and Member’s signature & photos prior to settlement of bills. Separate discount percentage is accepted for food, beverages, liquor and smokes. During bill preparation corporate discounts, guest discounts and member discounts are automatically considered.


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