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The WINHMS Purchasing module is a comprehensive purchasing system that steamlines the procurement process through many intuitive functions and features. The goal is to achieve tighter cost control and eliminate inefficiency through a combination of automated features and reporting functionality.

Support is provided for both Purchase Requisitions (PR) as well as Purchase Orders (PO) which are segregated into various departmental users and cost centres. Multiple approval levels are also included so that the generated PR or PO can be passed through a defined chain of approvals prior to final approval and action. It is possible to define re-order levels in the system which automatically generate PR’s based on stock at hand and pre-defied re-order levels.

PR’s for daily bazaar purchases are also supported where these purchases are received directly by means of a goods received note (GRN) without the need for a PO. Within the GRN, quantities and cost centres are validated based on the daily PR and rates can be nominated from a rate contract agreement held within the system. Daily item quantities are displayed kitchen-wise for better control and quantity management. It is also possible to predefine PR templates for items that are required on a daily basis thereby eliminating time consuming re-entry of data.

Complete flexibility is provided for PO creation, amendment, cancellation, short close, item short close and bulk closure. The entire system can be maintained as a paperless environment with the ability to despatch PO’s via e-mail. Comprehensive supplier management is included and covers regular, blanket agreement (rate contracts) orders and service orders. Rates for regular orders can be selected from rate contracts or an approved quote master. Included is also a detailed quotation management system that can submit requests for quotations and also provide analysis of quotations received. Quotations can be converted to PR’s as required and supplier rates can be updated accordingly. Functionality is provided within the system to group multiple PR’s into a single PO thereby limiting the number of repeated PO’s to the same supplier. Budgeting is provided thereby enabling cost control of PR’s and PO’s. At the time of PR and PO creating the system validates the amounts against a pre-determined budget and only permits ordering within the budget constraints. Budget analysis is provided month, monthly to date and year to date with actual figures display against the budgeted amounts.

Extensive reporting and analysis is included whereby all transactions can be viewed, tracked and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Audit reports are provided for PO creation, amendment and cancellation and all new rate creation and existing rate edits / deletion are comprehensively audited. Further, it is possible to create automated e-mails for various workflow scenarios such as automated e-mails to purchasing once PR is approved, reminders, automated notifications to the concerned party when a PR/PO is approved at a certain level, addition / deletion of remarks against a PR/PO etc.