Macro Computing Solutions

Table Reservation System

The table reservation system module is an independent system where reservations can be performed from any desktop computer. The system is also provided in point-of-sale format thereby providing POS users the ability to create bookings. Walk-in guests, in-house guests and expected guests are supported. Detailed reservation history is maintained including visit statistics and bill and settlement data.

Reservations can be performed using both table charts and floor plans. Outlet tables can be customised and defined to suit the selected reservation groups mentioned earlier. Reservation amendments and cancellations can be performed with ease and amendments for critical fields within the reservation screen are audited. Audited information is available in a number of pre-defined reports.

Up to ten tables can be merged into a single reservation. Upon creation of the first kitchen order ticket (KOT) against a specific reservation the reservation status is automatically changed to check-in. Upon settlement of the bill, the status is automatically changed to check-out. This feature permits entry of new reservations with table availability displayed in real time.

The format utilised for the reservation confirmation is customisable based on the client’s nominated format. This format is then utilised for all restaurants within multiple properties providing uniformity in a chain scenario. Upon creation of the reservation the system automatically prompts the user to despatch an email confirmation and a further thank-you email is automatically despatched once the reservation has been checked out.